If there's a fire in your house, of course you would first make sure your children and pets are safe. Now imagine you are then given the chance to save one thing from your home. What would you choose? Did you pick your family photographs? Almost everyone does!

Rosy Mackintosh is Really Rosy

Photo copyright 2015  Duke of Photography

Photo copyright 2015 Duke of Photography

Rosy Mackintosh recognizes the priceless treasure of your memories retained in images, and with her gentle demeanor and easy connection to children, she makes photographs that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.

"They grow up so fast!" How many times have you heard this, or said this yourself? Childhood is fleeting. One day you are helping your toddler with his velcro sneakers and suddenly you find yourself helping him pack for college. Where does the time go? They will never be this way again. There is no better moment to capture in photography than right now. 

Rosy loves to work with kids, and makes an outdoor photo session fun, creating photographs that truly capture your child's quirks and unique personality.